5 Magic Mask to Remove the Darkness from the Knees,Elbows and knuckles

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Hi Everyone

Most of us face problems like this, mostly colored like me have this problem.  We need to be on those embarrassing moment where our knees, elbows, and knuckle are darker.  But we can solve this problem by using some DIY mask which really created results and hopefully will solve some of your worries about your darker elbows, knees, and knuckles. Without further delay lets dive into the post to find out the reason and solution.

Root Cause:

As always we have to find the root cause of any problem to find it’s exact solution.  I found some reasons for the darker check it out,

  1. This can be due to the dead skin which causes darkness.
  2. Can be due to some medical conditions like Medication, Hormonal changes, Genetics.
  3. This can be due to the dirt, hyperpigmentation or friction.

Remedies for the Knee, Elbows, and Knuckles:

We have top 5 masks for the removal of the darkness on the Knee, Elbows, and Knuckles, the most important thing is, take them as required for your need.


Step 1:  Take a teaspoon of Baking soda.

Step2:  Pour lemon juice into the Baking soda to make them into a paste, this may cause bubbles during reaction don’t be scared.

Step3:  Now use this paste on the darken skin area for a better result.

Step4:  Wash it after 10 min.


Step1:  Take Turmeric powder in a cup.

Step2:  Use Honey and Milk to make the turmeric powder as a paste.

Step3:  Apply them on the skin for removing the darkness from the skin.

Step4:  Wash them after 15 mins


Step1:  Take a Yogurt in a cup and vinegar.

Step2:  Mix them it paste.

Step3:  Apply them on the skin on the darker places.

Step4:  Wash them after 10 mins.


Step1:  Collect olive oil in a cup.

Step2:  Add sugar to the olive oil mix them.

Step3:  Apply them on the skin and make a gentle scrub on the skin.

Step4:  Wash them after 10 mins


Step1:  Take the Gram flour in the cup.

Step2:  Use the Yogurt to make it as a thick paste.

Step3:  Apply them to skin and let them settle for 10-15 mins.

Step4:  Wash them after they dry with cold water.




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