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Hi Everyone,

Green Tea is very good for health and also for our face.  This refreshes our body in and out, so why don’t we try applying Green Tea Mask to the face and achieve the best skin.  Without further delay, we can check on the benefits and the masks for achieving the greater skin.

Benefits of the Green Tea on Skin:

  1. It contains polyphenols which are the reason for anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.
  2. This has antioxidant property hence act as an anti-aging element.
  3. The Tannins in the tea treat puffy eyes and dark circles.
  4. The caffeine in green tea reduces puffiness by shrinking the blood vessels in the area.
  5. Catechins even help regulate hormonal imbalances, which helps in acne problem solution.
  6. It helps in preventing the free radicals from settling between the skin cells, which otherwise cause skin issues like sunburn and rashes.
  7. This is a fantastic exfoliator will also help to remove excess oil and pollutants, exposing the cleansed.
  8. This gives great refreshment on the skin and also on hair.
  9. This helps to tone the face,
  10. This not only helps the skin but also works wonders on the hair.


Simple Tea Bag Eye Patches:

Step1:  As told in the heading simply take two tea bags for each eye.

Step2:  Freeze the tea bags.

Step3:  Just place them on the eyes as eye patch after a long day or on your home spa day.  This reduces dark circle and puffiness and refreshes your eyes.

Rejuvenating Mask:

Step1:  Take a tea bags (as per requirement) cut open and collect them in a cup.

Step2: Mix them with honey.

Step3:  As we find this may be bit stick and difficult to apply, so add some water to it.

Step4:  Wash it off after 15 mins which help in rejuvenate and nourishes the face.

Closing Pore Mask:

Step1: Take a tea bags (as per requirement) cut open and collect them in a cup.

Step2:  Take the egg white separately and mix it with the tea powder.

Step3:  Then apply the mixture on your face for 15 mins.

Step4:  Wash with cold water, this helps in reducing the pores.

Skin Lightening Mask:

Step1:  Use the Matcha green tea powder for this take as required.

Step2:  Use yogurt and honey to the powder, mix it well.

Step3:  Apply the mixture to the face wait for 10-15 mins

Step4:  Wash with cold water and you can find your skin refreshed instantly, regular application of the mask lightens the skin.

Refresh and Instant Brightening Mask:

Step1:  As like first mask its simple.  Take a 2-3 tea bags dip them in hot water.

Step2:  Use a clean towel and dip that into the tea for 30 mins.

Step3:  Freeze the towel after the dip for 10 mins.

Step4:  Put it on your face till you feel the chillness.  Sure this will relax you and your skin and feel refreshed.  Brighten the skin instantly.








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