Going To Buy OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Oil Then Read This First

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Hi Lovelies,

Everyone in the world loves to have nice and shiny hair in spite of age, hair color, and gender.  But achieving it is no so easier due to different reasons.  So we need to be more careful in searching and using products for your hair sometimes lead to hair fall.  Without delays, let’s find can we try using this hair serum OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Healing Oil.


The product cost – $5.69 / 4 oz



This helps to rapidly infuse hair with a

1.  sheer veil of shine,

2.  giving color and highlights a multifaceted glow,

3.  while helping to prevent split ends,

4.  tame fly-away frizzies.


This is in a normal plastic bottle with the spray head which helps for spraying the product all over the hair.  And the pack look quite nice and travel-friendly.  The product is mild yellow or colorless.  The fragrance is good and mild.

My Experience:

With so much excitement I opened the bottle to make my first spray, which is so disappointing as the spray doesn’t work.  After a long try, I somehow manage to make it work.  Later I tried using it on my damp hair as instructed after hair wash. My hair is the dry type and less spray of the product is not much effective.  And the fragrance is so mild and good doesn’t bother us much.  As they claimed this gives shine and glow to the hair.  I don’t think it does work to prevent split ends. The fly away and frizziness gets reduced but still, it is not much effective.  I don’t feel any bad problems using this product.  It didn’t fully fill what it claimed.

My Suggestion in numbers:

  • Doing what they claimed:3/5
  • Packing: 3/5
  • Cost: 3/5

Overall rating:9/15

Will I Recommend this?
I would say No because we have many effective products on the market than this.



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